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We are seeking those who would like live in our city and become an Ustawiville resident.


We are building Ustawiville for thousands of our people to be able to live in a happy, safe, clean and prosperous environment year round. 


Our water supply, utilities, and food to be supplied by our people.


*Family Friendly
*Affordable Living - Major Discounts for Ustawiville Annual Members* (Plus No Credit Check)
*Hundreds of Good Paying Jobs Available (Minimum Wages $15 and hour)
*Clean Water
*Low Utility Bills (Solar and Wind)
*Clean Healthy Food (No MSG, Steroids, Pesticides, etc.)
*Safe Environment (Secure Gated Community)
*Discount Shopping with Quality BLACK Owned Businesses in Ustawiville
*Easy Access to Quality BLACK Owned Stores (Membership Discounts Available)
*FREE Gym Membership
* Many Fun Amenities (Swimming Pools, Lakefront Resort, Fishing, Boating, Camping, Horseback Riding, Indoor Water Park, Bowling Alley, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Miniature Golf, & more)