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Conference Call

 Coming February 2022.


Ustawiville "BLACK PARADISE"
General Public Meeting

BLACK People, You Need A Better Safer Environment?
* Place Where You Don't Have To Fear For You and Your Family Because of Their Skin Color
* Safe Environment for You and Your Family
* Better and Safer Schools
* Thousands of JOBS ($15 minimum wage)
* BLACK Business Owners (Annual Contracts)
* Major Benefits Living In Ustawiville
* Plus Major Benefits for becoming an Ustawiville Annual Member
Ustawiville "BLACK PARADISE"
(A BLACK Owned City that will be built, controlled, protected, and maintained by BLACK People and Quality BLACK Owned Businesses for BLACK People)
You are invited you to our next scheduled Ustawiville public conference call via Zoom.
BLACK People please take a look at where you and your family live now and ask yourself if you could live in a better and safer environment would you? Call in on our upcoming conference call to see more on what we have to offer.



 Coming soon.